Tag-testing starts this week

Posted on: September 6th, 2021 by David Finch

It is that exciting time of year when we start to assess those students who we feel are ready for the upcoming Grading and the next level. We will be tag-testing all the way until the last lesson before the grading day so there is plenty of time to practice and work hard.

What is tag-testing?

Tag-testing is where we look very closely at each student in class and see if :

  • They are confident with their techniques and drills
  • They have the right attitude
  • They have been practicing and working hard in and out of the classes

Like anything in life, if a student wishes to be successful then they must be prepared to work hard and put in that extra bit of practice at home. If you need any help with this please do speak to your instructor.

If we feel they are ready we will:

  • Place a black tag on their belt
  • Send their parents a text with all the links and information needed

If you receive a black tag and text message it is very important you read all of the necessary files. These can be found either by logging in to our website or in the “Files” section of our members only facebook group.

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