A Return to classes – how and when?

Posted on: February 23rd, 2021 by David Finch

Following the Government announcement on Monday, 22nd Feb we are delighted to be able to prepare for a phased return to our face-to-face classes.

As with all previous dates and plans, it is important to remind ourselves that these are based on a continued improvement in the current situation and could well change at any given time.

For now, let us all think positive and plan as follows:

  • 8th March – schools return (classes remain on Zoom)
  • 12th April – children can train indoors, adults (18yrs +) can also train on their own or in family bubbles with limits. No contact and COVID Safe procedure in places as before (classes will run both face-to-face AND Zoom).
  • 17th May – children & adults can train indoors.
    No contact and COVID Safe procedure in places as before (classes will run face-to-face ONLY)
  • 21st June – most COVID restrictions removed (contact training can resume)

We will re-issue our COVID Safe guidelines for all parents and students to review prior to the start of classes on 12th April.

Please be reminded that all student must book online as previously – details will be re-issued.

Stay safe – stay positive and we will see each other very soon!

Master Finch

CLICK HERE to access the new complete 2021 curriculum

If you would like the specific syllabus for Mighty Matts, Juniors & Adults or Black Belts please e-mail us for the link


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