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Mighty Matts aged 4yrs-6yrs

The Mighty Matts programme is something really special designed to introduce young children aged from 4 to 6yrs to the fun and lessons that come from martial arts. Our goal is to nurture these young people in a safe environment and allow their characters and abilities to develop.

We believe that it is only proper to teach such young children in their own dedicated class without the distractions of older children. We want to give them the best possible martial arts education, support and care. We also believe that the early years are the most important, and if you get them to understand the right values at this age you will set them up for life.

We teach the children how to develop respect and confidence, learn how to avoid strangers, and pick up basic self-defence, how to avoid dangerous situations, and how to defeat a bully without fighting.

Parents of the children in our Mighty Matt's classes tell us what great changes we make to the lives of these children. To find out why contact us and come and see a Mighty Matts class in action and talk parents about what their children get from the classes.

Classes are 30 minutes long and our instructors are especially trained to teach children of this age group.

All of our confidence-building exercises help to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Through our philosophy of positive reinforcement, and the interaction with instructors and children, your child will develop the security and confidence to accept separation from you, be more focused and attentive, and ready for the upcoming road ahead in school.

The Mighty Matts programme is the largest and most successful programme of its kind in the world. We have got it to where it is because we have the finest staff in the martial arts industry who are qualified and trained to teach young children. They are all CRB checked and completely committed to developing our Might Matt's youngsters.

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Juniors 7yrs – 12yrs

The junior programme is for kids aged 7-11 and is designed to give your child everything they need to thrive in life from physical fitness and confidence through to improved school work and respect for others.

Our classes are loved by the students, parents and their teachers because we make them fun and encourage the children to grow into young responsible adults in a natural way.

We hear a lot in the media about failing schools and children failing at school. Our aim is to give children and their schools a helping hand to get back on track. The Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Junior Programme works hand in hand with a child's schoolwork, providing improved self-discipline, self-confidence, concentration, mental alertness, co-operation, goal setting advice and anti-bully skills. Our instructors work with their students teachers to make sure they are achieving in the classroom at well as the martial arts gym. This is one of our unique features and why we are so successful in working with children. We are educators and not just martial arts teachers and we run "schools" and not "clubs".

All young students in our children's programme are required to take a specially designed form to their teachers at school once a month. This has to be signed off by the teacher before the student can be considered to be put forward for an exam to take them to their next martial arts grade. The form also needs to be signed by the parents to show that they are being well behaved and are showing respect at home!

An important point to note is that our students are taught that the physical side of what we teach them should only ever be used in self-defence. We constantly remind them that their martial arts skills should never be used for unwarranted aggression.

Here are the key life skills that children find through Matt Fiddes Martial Arts:

  • Confidence
  • Staying Power
  • Improved Focus
  • Goal Setting
  • Self-defence

Our aim is to progress children through our belt grading system and every student's goal is to achieve Black Belt and beyond. Black belt is a symbol of excellence in martial arts and an important tool for instructors and parents to use for developing desire, determination and for teaching the importance of follow-through in any activity. Our students are taught never to give up at any given task and that they can do anything as long as they just put their mind to it.

None of the above is possible without having outstanding instructors to guide and nurture your children. Matt Fiddes Martial Arts employs only fully qualified instructors who are CRB checked before they join our organisation.

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The adult classes are extremely popular at Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Schools because they offer something for people of all abilities who want to improve their lives.

Many of you will be living sedentary lifestyles (a polite way of saying you sit on your backside most of the day) and want to get a grip on your level of fitness or shed some weight. The Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Adult Classes are perfect for this and at the same time you will pick up useful self-defence skills and meet new people.

The programme is designed to increase muscle tone, flexibility, strength, confidence, weight loss, self-defence and much much more. The Matt Fiddes classes are a great way to meet new people who have similar goals of getting in shape and one day perhaps achieving a Black Belt. The classes are conducted at your pace so you won't be expected to perform like a professional until you are ready to be one!


We teach all students to be safe by using a common sense approach to protection. This means understanding self-defence techniques, self-defence strategy, and conflict resolution techniques. We also teach body language concepts to our students. The way you make eye contact with somebody, and the way you use your voice. Our communities continue to suffer from crime and violence so some ability in self-defence is very important as one day it could save your life!

Get fit

You may have tried every diet in the book, but most of us now understand that there's no substitute for sensible eating and regular exercise. Martial arts programmes have been hugely successful in the last 20 years in helping men and women to lose weight and achieve their dream body shapes. The Matt Fiddes Adult Classes go beyond this for a number of reasons.

  1. The Matt Fiddes programme is fun and exciting. Every class you take at a Matt Fiddes martial arts school will be different than the last. You will always learn something new. Gyms, aerobics, and fitness videos become very repetitive and after a while most people drop out. That's not the case with us, people come to classes, get hooked, and stick with it.
  2. You train in our classes at your own pace. This means that everyone in your class is in the same situation as yourself. You will not be thrown in a class with a bunch of Black Belts like many other martial arts organisations practice. We are professionals and believe in doing everything we can to help you reach your goals easily and safely. You will only be expected to train to your own level, and the instructor will specifically adjust the class to the student's needs.
  3. The Matt Fiddes staff are experienced and are there to motivate you to reach your goals. At Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Schools we pride ourselves in having a fully trained, highly qualified team of Instructors. The Instructors attend regular course's to keep their martial arts and kickboxing skills and teaching methods up to the high standard required by Master Fiddes.
  4. As well as the physical benefits you gain from the Matt Fiddes programme, there are many mental benefits such as; self-control, self-confidence, positive thinking, communication skills, goal setting, perseverance, courage, increased motivation, increased level of focus and reduced stress levels.
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Mighty Matts Specially designed to introduce young children aged from 3 to 6 to the fun and lessons that come from martial arts.
Juniors Designed to give your child (7-11) physical fitness & confidence, improve school work and teach respect for others.
Adults Something for all people of all abilities who want to improve their lives includes weight loss, self-defence and much more.

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